Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fall 2009

Fall was a fun time! We went to the pumpkin patch with Grammie and Papa trying to get the perfect picture to send into GAP for their beautiful baby contest! (He didn't win) Cooper had so much fun crawling around in the hay and looking at all the different pumpkins.

While my parents were here, they got to visit with the Grays as well. It was so neat to have a picture with both sets of grandparents.

We took Cooper to the Zoo for the first time! He enjoyed the fish and the hippos the most!

Cooper was an Air Force pilot for Halloween. He looked so cute in his jumpsuit. We took him out to Jeff's airplane to get some pictures of him with Daddy's plane. While we were there we saw some "real live" Air Force pilots. They were kind enough to take a picture with Cooper on their fancy plane. It was so. Unfortunately, he was a little young for trick-or-treating, so we just stayed home and passed out candy while Michele and Jeff scared the neighborhood children!

We took Cooper to his first air show. We decided to get a little more use from his Halloween costume and dress him up for the air show. He was a hit! We didn't stay very long, but based on how much he loves airplanes now, I am sure we will be back for many more shows!

We spent Thanksgiving in California. Grammie made Cooper a turkey hat which lasted 5 seconds on his head!
Cooper had his first In-N-Out experience and loved it! He also had lots of fun with Uncle Gabe.
Although, my favorite time was rockin' the Rock Band with the fam!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

So after being absent from blogging for 8 months now, I have decided to reemerge! And I am going to be serious about it this time.... for the same reason I was serious about it last time: So I can remember the sweet times I have with Cooper when I am old and gray. Unfortunately I have missed I months of recording, but I will go through some pictures and post some highlights!

I also checked some friends blogs today that I haven't read for a long time and realized I have missed out on some pretty important things in their life too. So in case anyone does read this I'd like to keep others updated on what the Grays are doing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer 2009

 blog or not to blog...

 Cooper is growing by leaps and bounds! I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue keeping a blog since no one really reads it and it takes up a lot of time. But as Cooper gets older and changes every day, I am realizing how important it is to document everything for myself. On the plane ride back from California this August I was watching Cooper staring out the window, then playing peek-a-boo with the woman sitting behind us through the seat, and those sweet, small things are what I especially do not want to forget. So here again I will attempt to keep a consistent blog of our life! So here's a quick update since May:

I finished up the school year, sad to be leaving for good, but glad to be back home with my Coopie! Grammie came to stay for a few days to give Jeff and me a break for our 6th anniversary! She was so happy to see her baby!  We went to Austin and went kayaking, out to a nice meal, and caught up on our sleep! Auntie Mish kept Grammie company for the weekend.

I am officially a stay at home mom! Although, it just feels like summer break kind of.  Cooper spent the summer with lots of friends. We had a weekly play dates with Brandon, DJ, and Lily. We also got to see Leila, Kate, Ben, and Braden! I can't 
wait till they can all actually play with each other! Cooper finally sat up and learned to roll over in June!
We took week long trip to California to attend my Dad's retirement party. We were so proud of him and were so happy to be there celebrating his 30 years with the California Highway Patrol! Then we took a drive to Altadenata to visit with Jeff's grandmother. Cooper enjoyed meeting his only great grandmother and Great Aunt Suzanne. We also visited Josh and Christina and got to see their new condo. After a quick stop in Long Beach to see Jeff's cousin Erica, we got to Dana Point to spend the week with my family at the beach. Cooper is officially a beach baby! He LOVED sitting under the umbrella watching the birds go by and feeling the sea air on his face. He certainly has California blood running deep through his veins! Soon after we got home from California, Cooper started crawling! So he is now a man on the go and into EVERYTHING! I am so tired trying to keep up with him, but it is so fun watching him discover new things... like how doors open and close and how the door stops spring back and forth. Cooper absolutely loves or kitten, Kit Cat. He chases him all over the house and loves to "hug" him and pull his tail and ears. We are learning what it means to be gentle... hopefully! We celebrated Jeff's 31st birthday this month. I wanted to do something special for him so I decided to attempt to cook his favorite meal... Now, I am not much of a cook, but I just followed the recipe, and it worked! Who knew!!?? Michele and Coleman came and celebrated with us, and we all really enjoyed the meal.

Well shortly after we left California in July, my mom was having Coopie withdrawals and asked if we could come back out in August... so we did. I was so nervous because Cooper was such a mess on the plane ride back last time. We was twisting and turning and wanted to be anywhere but on my lap. It was exhausting with Jeff, Michele, Coleman and myself trying to appease him, I was so scared to attempt a round trip by myself!! Luckily, both flights there and back were empty, so Cooper and I had the whole row to ourselves! Cooper really liked the airplane and flirted with all the ladies around us. While in California, we took a trip to the mountains and to the beach! It was a lot of fun! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Four Months...

We had a great Easter at the farm with The Grays, Martha's family, Michele and Coleman. Cooper was a good boy and enjoyed be outside in the fresh air. He's drooling all the time now... I am not looking forward to him getting teeth. I want him to look like a gummy newborn for a bit longer. If only he would start rolling over though....